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Tennessee, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Tucker Woodson  25 Feb 1844Tennessee, USA I6306
2 Birely, Jane  Abt 1830Tennessee, USA I2846
3 Brown, Emil Ernie  Abt 1899Tennessee, USA I378
4 Burress, Belle  Jul 1880Tennessee, USA I594
5 Cash, Martha Elizabeth  12 Mar 1841Tennessee, USA I5398
6 Collins, Cathrin C Katie  Mar 1878Tennessee, USA I4633
7 Davidson, Obadiah J W  14 Dec 1823Tennessee, USA I1037
8 Davis, Louzetta  2 Mar 1851Tennessee, USA I2213
9 Dixon, Francis E  1884Tennessee, USA I1557
10 Eskridge, Alice  Abt 1883Tennessee, USA I651
11 Fagg, Sarah E  Abt 1817Tennessee, USA I6286
12 Hall, Martha  Abt 1896Tennessee, USA I3300
13 Henry, Mary Francis  Jun 1859Tennessee, USA I195
14 Johnson, Nettie  15 May 1847Tennessee, USA I4243
15 Knott, Martha Jane  28 Aug 1848Tennessee, USA I1099
16 McClane, Emily  Abt 1826Tennessee, USA I362
17 McDonald, Sydney C  Abt 1849Tennessee, USA I2977
18 Morgan, Thomas Mack  8 Apr 1882Tennessee, USA I698
19 Parker, Nancy Jane  1831Tennessee, USA I5144
20 Privette, Dora D  Abt 1885Tennessee, USA I5716
21 Rhody, Patience G  Abt 1858Tennessee, USA I6265
22 Roady, John  Abt 1846Tennessee, USA I6307
23 Roady, Nancy T  29 Dec 1849Tennessee, USA I6293
24 Roddie, Martha J  Abt 1852Tennessee, USA I1732
25 Roddy, Albert  Abt 1840Tennessee, USA I5141
26 Roddy, Albert  Jun 1887Tennessee, USA I197
27 Roddy, Albert Lee Sr  14 Jul 1896Tennessee, USA I5328
28 Roddy, Alexander III  Abt 1791Tennessee, USA I3681
29 Roddy, Alice Allas  Abt 1872Tennessee, USA I3682
30 Roddy, Amanda Belle  28 Feb 1863Tennessee, USA I99
31 Roddy, Amos  Abt 1879Tennessee, USA I5172
32 Roddy, Andrew  Abt 1847Tennessee, USA I3481
33 Roddy, Andrew Jackson  27 Feb 1873Tennessee, USA I910
34 Roddy, Andrew Jackson  6 Feb 1886Tennessee, USA I412
35 Roddy, Andrew Jackson "Jack"  13 May 1849Tennessee, USA I2968
36 Roddy, Aneata Sydnah  Abt 1880Tennessee, USA I4682
37 Roddy, Ann  Abt 1860Tennessee, USA I4673
38 Roddy, Ann E.  Abt 1872Tennessee, USA I4684
39 Roddy, Arthur  May 1880Tennessee, USA I210
40 Roddy, Belle  Abt 1863Tennessee, USA I4672
41 Roddy, Birdwell  Abt 1839Tennessee, USA I2106
42 Roddy, Burton "Bert" Calvin  23 Nov 1880Tennessee, USA I5178
43 Roddy, Callie  Dec 1870Tennessee, USA I4552
44 Roddy, Calvin  Abt 1821Tennessee, USA I3879
45 Roddy, Caraline  Abt 1825Tennessee, USA I3369
46 Roddy, Catherine C  Abt 1853Tennessee, USA I4675
47 Roddy, Cellia  Abt 1862Tennessee, USA I4769
48 Roddy, Charles L "Solly"  15 Jun 1847Tennessee, USA I2199
49 Roddy, Charles W  1 Dec 1876Tennessee, USA I4754
50 Roddy, Charlotte  Abt 1865Tennessee, USA I417

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Knott, Martha Jane  23 Sep 1883Tennessee, USA I1099
2 Roddy, Calvin  Aft 1891Tennessee, USA I3879
3 Roddy, David M  Abt 1865Tennessee, USA I4608
4 Roddy, Harvey Jr.  Abt 1895Tennessee, USA I878
5 Roddy, John Henry  Aft Jun 1945Tennessee, USA I3199
6 Roddy, Louamma (Lucy) (2nd gg aunt)  1831Tennessee, USA I3929
7 Roddy, Margaret Caroline  8 Jan 1914Tennessee, USA I4496
8 Roddy, Patrick N.  31 May 1898Tennessee, USA I735
9 Roddy, Rodney  Aft 1870Tennessee, USA I3438
10 Roddy, Stephen  Bef 1900Tennessee, USA I1988
11 Stacks, Mary Ellen  3 Jul 1882Tennessee, USA I733
12 Wheeler, Sarah  Bef 1880Tennessee, USA I5206


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Doughty, Parthenia "Thenia"  Abt 1872Tennessee, USA I4741
2 Martin, Essie Viola  Abt 1871Tennessee, USA I4870
3 Roddy, Andrew Jackson "Jack"  26 Apr 1849Tennessee, USA I2968
4 Roddy, Cellia  Abt 1863Tennessee, USA I4769
5 Roddy, Charles L "Solly"  Abt 1851Tennessee, USA I2199
6 Roddy, Claude  May 1886Tennessee, USA I3431
7 Roddy, Emma N  Abt 1876Tennessee, USA I4903
8 Roddy, Emma N  Mar 1879Tennessee, USA I4903
9 Roddy, Ester  Abt 1812Tennessee, USA I3109
10 Roddy, Mary L  1834Tennessee, USA I4143
11 Roddy, Mason "Mace"  Abt 1835Tennessee, USA I5337
12 Roddy, Richard Houston "Huse"  Abt 1873Tennessee, USA I2326
13 Roddy, Stephen  Abt 1814Tennessee, USA I1988
14 Roddy, Stephen  Abt 1814Tennessee, USA I1988
15 Roddy, William H  Abt 1850Tennessee, USA I6289
16 Roddy, William T  Jul 1876Tennessee, USA I6239
17 Roddy, William T  1878Tennessee, USA I6239
18 Smith, Hattie A  Abt 1825Tennessee, USA I2965
19 Smith, Hattie A  Jan 1825Tennessee, USA I2965


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Roddy, Calvin  1862Tennessee, USA I3879
2 Roddy, Jesse Preston  1862Tennessee, USA I3776
3 Roddy, Thomas Booker  1825Tennessee, USA I3021


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Roddy / Davis  1890Tennessee, USA F912
2 Roddy / Lane  29 May 1815Tennessee, USA F408
3 Roddy / Luttrell  25 Dec 1845Tennessee, USA F78
4 Roddy / Luttrell  25 Jul 1858Tennessee, USA F79
5 Roddy / Smith  Abt 1844Tennessee, USA F502